Terry is a 44 year old male who lives with and cares for his mother. He has 2 grown children with whom he is in close contact.  Terry came to Moving On concerned about an increasing dependence and usage of cannabis. He felt he was increasingly using and that most of his day was becoming concerned with buying and smoking it.  Terry didn’t engage in all activities such as group learning and physical fitness days because he simply didn’t have the time due to caring responsibilities for his mum. Instead he sought one to one (key-work) support and also engaged in emotional health activities. He says he really got a lot from the “accudetox” sessions which helped him deal with the buildup of stress due to caring and gave him some “self-time”.    Terry says the Moving On program helped him focus again and get on top of cannabis use and though he still occasionally uses it, he says he feels much more in control and has built structure into his life and knows the value to routine in his life again.


Today (December 2017) Terry states :

“Since completing Moving On, I have significantly reduced my cannabis use and continue to remain stable on my prescription. I continue to have a great relationship with my children and my mother and have taken up new hobbies in the community. I feel that making these changes has given me confidence as well as a feeling of acceptance in my community, without feeling judged.”

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