Jean says she had to grow up quickly as a she was a carer for her mum. She always felt she didn’t get the social life she hoped for and felt alienated from girls her own age because most of her time was caring for her mum. Eventually her mum passed away when Jean was only 19 and Jean says it absolutely wrecked her life. She started drinking alone to cope with the loss and bereavement and before long she was drinking around 3 bottles of wine per day. She was working at this time in a local call centre and this just seemed to increase the stresses on her and though she coped during the day most night were spent drinking alone. In 2004 Jean lost her driving license and shortly after this also lost her job which caused her to start drinking during the day and her health started to suffer with skin and stomach problems. She started attending alcohol services for support and met someone at that time who was attending Moving On and came to it and has been with the service now for 4 months and says she knows that it’s a life-line for her keeping her active (she says she loves going to the gym group and evening circuits group) and stops her thinking about going back on drink. She hopes that she can continue to improve her life and feel happier about being clean.

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