Rab grew up in a setting where he got into street violence, drinking, smoking hash and using valium and by the time he was 15 he had a problem with all these substances. He managed to get an apprenticeship with a local engineering firm but was caught smoking hash on his break and lost his job. He acted as though he didn’t care but deep down he says he was upset because he knew the way he was going was leading nowhere and didn’t like how it upset his mum. He eventually moved in with his girlfriend when he was 19 after they had a child but says his ways got worse and the relationship didn’t last leading to heavier drinking and smoking hash. He eventually went for help to the local community drugs team who (due to long waiting times for hash use) suggested he speak to Moving On. Rab came and after support to build his own recovery plan started to make progress. He felt that having daily routine in his life helped him stop thinking about just sitting in a house smoking or drinking. Rab has been with Moving On for a month now on the SmartStart program and says he really likes learning and hearing other peoples experiences in recovery which gives him hope for things getting better in his life. He says he plans to stick with Moving On as long as he can and is optimistic about what he can achieve now.

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