Sara had been in a violent and controlling relationship since she was 18 and eventually started using substances to cope. The relationship meant she was not allowed to have money or even go out alone and she found the only relief she got was using cannabis and street Valium (blues). Eventually this led to serious mental health issues including anxiety and depression. By the time she was 22 Years of age she had a child who was being cared for by a family member. A friend suggested she come to Moving On to get help with her drugs problem and she did so and found what she describes as ‘a worker there who genuinely cared for me’ who supported Sara to get wider help through partner agencies including women’s aid. She states that engaging in all the Moving On program elements including many of the “emotional Health” parts really gave her the strength and coping skills she needed to get and maintain her own tenancy. Today Sara is studying in college and feels stronger and much more hopeful for the future for her and her child whom she gets regular unsupervised visitation with. She says she is really hopeful now for the future and values regularly keeping in touch with her key-worker in an aftercare environment and even having just a coffee and a chat as it helps her keep focused as she looks forward to a happier and more prosperous life.

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