Bob (age 33) Started using drugs at 14 years of age to block out problems he associated with his upbringing. He started using alcohol and cannabis to block out the feelings of loneliness and felt it helped him deal with his sense of awkwardness and he felt it gave him the confidence to talk to people. Eventually he got into using heroin and he ended up with a serious habit using anything up to 5 or 6 bags per day depending on if he could get the money thru dishonesty or any means he could. His recovery started when he got in touch with the Community Drugs team who helped him get stable on substitute medication (methadone) to deal with the worst of the heroin habit but he was still dabbling with street Valium use. He felt that being referred to Moving On by the Drug Team was a godsend and by getting involved in the group learning SmartStart and next steps phases as well as completing the STEPS to Excellence program really helped him learn lots about himself and started to change how he saw himself and particularly around his very negative self talk . Bob felt a huge change over his 6 months at Moving On and through this period he managed to stay free from drugs. He has recently graduated from the Moving On “Next Steps” phase and with the help of his key-worker is planning to go to college to study music production. He feels positive about himself today and has hope for a better future with potential and hope.

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