Emily is 33 and states that from a young age she felt she just wanted to be loved and tried to be accepted by others. She grew up with her mum who seemed to have a number of relationships with various men, none of which lasted very long and most of the time it all seemed to be focused on alcohol. Emily had many difficulties growing up like this and made up her mind at an early age that she would never ever drink. But like so many people around her she slipped into a pattern of drinking with friends which led to harder substances eventually leaving her with a dependence on street valium. She ended up getting into trouble with the law for possession and the only “friends” she knew were other users which brought lots of trouble, fighting and bad relationships. After a number of failed attempts to quit including residential rehab, she decided to contact Moving On after her friend told her about it. She says she appreciated that it was different from rehab because she had people there that would help her at a level she could handle. Today she is continuing with Moving On “next steps” program and says it is helping her get used to living without drugs and to meet people who understand and support. She is hopeful for a future free from drugs and wants to eventually get skills to work.

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