Jason (age 36) started using drugs at around 15 years old because it was normal amongst his mates and he was ashamed about suffering abuse when young. He always felt he just longed to be “part of” the world and society he lived in . Being part of the crowd really mattered to him and he felt drugs blocked out a large part of the pain in his mind. He eventually ended up with a heroin problem and it seemed to him that no matter what he did (including going to rehab twice) he just seemed to keep on relapsing. Jason came to Moving On in 2015 after a person he met (who previously was worse than him!) said to him it was Moving On that helped him get his life back on track. He completed all parts of the program and progressed into an employability training program with a partner agency.  At this point in his recovery he was really confident and did not feel he needed any aftercare parts of the Moving On program, however shortly after this he met a girl with a habit and before long he was back where he was. He came back to Moving On in 2016 and went through the program again and says at this time he felt much wiser about where he went wrong. He continues with the Moving On program today with aftercare support and is about to complete an HNC and is considering whether to continue to university or to take up employment, He says the feeling of being able to self-direct his life is great !

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